The New Face of Our Manuka Honey

We are excited to introduce an exciting change in our brand: We are now called ANUK. Our trusted and beloved Manuka honey remains the same, but our name is transforming to better embody our values and commitment to quality and purity.
ANUK stands for new beginnings and our deep connection with the pristine nature of New Zealand, the home of our Manuka honey. This new name reflects not only our roots but also our future – a future that combines innovation with tradition and puts the excellent quality of our honey in the spotlight.

Your Trusted Quality Under a New Name
Although we are changing our name from MADHU to ANUK, our promise remains unchanged. We continue to offer the high-quality Manuka honey you know and love. Our methods, strict testing procedures, and commitment to sustainable production remain intact. You can rely on every jar of ANUK honey being produced with the same care and quality you have come to expect from MADHU.

Still Searching for MADHU?
If you were looking for the proven products of MADHU, rest assured that with ANUK, you will continue to be satisfied. Our formula, our heritage, and our quality remain unchanged – only our name now better reflects who we are and what we stand for.

Discover ANUK
We invite you to explore our new website and learn more about the exciting new developments we have in store under the name ANUK. Join us in this new phase where tradition meets innovation – for Manuka honey as pure as the landscape of New Zealand.